The municipality of Kružlováactively strives to develop the inclusive environment and high-quality coexistence between Roma and non-Roma population within the municipality. Despite municipality´s effort, we can often see that Roma children and youth, as well as non-Roma children from poor social conditions do not have any access to extracurricular activities or active spending of their free time. The municipality and its partnering villages of Rovné andHavranec also demonstrate a long-term interest in establishing a center, which would offer educational and sport activities, and would support the society without any prejudice, since still we are facing many forms of discrimination and intolerance. The main milestone of the project is to build and establish a multifunctional center for the children and youth – to build a sports center, as well as to perform related activities, which can help the children and youth not only from Kružlová, but also from neighboring villages integrate and develop themselves in various areas. During the project, the municipality ofKružlová organizes 3 conferences – the opening one, the ongoing one, and the concluding conference, at which the aim of the project, project activities and their fulfillment will be presented by the municipality and its partners.

On October 14th, 2021, the municipality of Kružlová organized at the municipal office Kružlováthe opening conference of the project within the project LDI01010:“Development of physical and mental abilities of children and youth in the municipality of Kružlová”.