The municipality of Rovné

Rovné 37
090 16 Cernina
Phone: +421 54 788 11 05

The municipality of Havranec

Street: Havranec
Zip code: 090 02
Phone: 054 7594 273

Civic association Dukla

Kružlová 8
090 02 Kružlová
Office: Sov. hrdinov 200/33, budova AB, 5. poschodie, 089 01 Svidník
Phone: +421 905 841 959


Unnliveien 66
8023 Bodø
Phone: 986 41 857

The municipality of Kružlová is located in the self-governing region of Prešov, the district of Svidník, in the territory called Horný Šariš. Kružlová lies in the northern part of Nízke Beskydy mountains, in the valley of the river Svidničianka.

Kružlová borders with the villages Svidnička, Belejovce, VyšnáJedľová, Kapišova, Dobroslava, Nižná Pisaná. The area of the municipality is 800 ha with the population of 700, 69% of which is Roma people.

Building of sport centers for the development of physical and mental abilities of the children and youth in the municipality of Kružlová will take place on the plot no. 172/1, cadastral area of Kružlová, district Svidník.

The valley is called “The Death Valley” based on heavy fights during the WWII. Nowadays, there is also a natural military museum.

In this valley, the events of the battle reconstruction of the members of Military History Club from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland took place.

It contains the military equipment as a reminder and an appeal for the future generations to avoid an idea of military conflicts.

Worth of mentioning are also well-known Roma bands, famous across the entire district. It is a pity that the Roma people are not able to play musical instruments anymore (maybe only two or three of them).

Women´s singing group, which represented our community on various occasions, performed well also in the “JRD” (United Farmer´s Cooperative).

The village made a recording for a Slovak radio, “Selo hrajeidumydumaje” and the TV show “Kumove”.

Projects the municipality participates in, and the events organized by the municipality, demonstrate a strong motivation toward the social inclusion and the support of the coexistence of the Roma and non-Roma people in the village, since the Roma minority became the majority population of the village.

The municipality strives to improve the status of this community and to create a space for mutual cooperation. Thus, as a part of this effort, the municipality of Kružlová submits this project with the aim to strengthen social inclusion of the Roma children, to develop their possibilities and to offer them new opportunities.